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I have a basic CUCME 7.1 setup and my client would like to be able to do two things:1. Have any phone dial a number which will page to all phones.2. Have one to one paging setup so a number can be dialed and a single phone will be paged.  They want t...

gmgarrian by Enthusiast
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I'm troublshooting a RightFax issue and am trying to determine the cause of a failed transmission. The context is;- RightFax is attempting to send an outbound fax via H323 trunk to the gateway.- Outbound fails with the following q931 information;Dec...

Hey Guys,I have a question, I have a client with one 7845 (CUCM 7.1(3)) and a single 3825. They want the analog device to failover to the 3825 should the Call Manager fail. My question is can I still setup the VG224's in CUCM using MGCP and create an...

wrickk_2 by Beginner
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I'm deploying a remote site with four FXO voice ports in a VG on one side of a large room.  On the other side of the room are four lines from the PSTN that are terminated on a 66 block.  I need to connect those four lines into the four FXO ports on t...

jmunoz19 by Enthusiast
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I have two 3925 ISR routers with 4 pri's in each one.I am hooked up to a Callmanager 7.1.5 under normal conditions  running MGCP whatI am curious about is when I go into SRST mode, I want to use one gateway for the phones but what is the best way to ...

miket by Contributor
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I have a odd issue, one of our offices when they call a local number they dial 9 XXX XXXX and get to that number, this is as it should be. However when they place that call on hold, select new call and dial another local number 9 XXX XXXX it does not...

nixon1234 by Beginner
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