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Is it possible to have a different ringtones for a hunt group call in CME 8.x. If somebody rings my Number directly i should get a different ringtone . And if i get a call as a part of a hunt group  then i should get a different ringtones. Is that Po...

I have a customer that will start with full presence for 1000 users growing to 5000 or 10,000 users over time.Can I start with 1X 7835 server and add 2 more when required or do I have to start with a 7845?Thanks

support by Beginner
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Hey everyone,We're having trouble with slowness for the Cisco Unified CM Administration (and Serviceability) web page on the Publisher node. We also have 2 Subscribers. One is working fine and we can access the Admin page without any slowness. Our ot...

Hi to all,I have one CME on 2921 with 4 BRI, I have 2 different ephone-DN user group, I want that a group of user go out with a group of BRI and the other group of user with the others BRI.group1 -->outgoing--> BRI1-BRI2 group2 -->outgoing--> BRI3-BR...

We are making a customized billing software for CUCM 4.3 using sql server. In our scenario we haven't implemented FAC  because of whichthere is no Caller Name in the CDR.Now i think Caller Name can be extracted through ART database. But exactly which...

SJ SJ by Beginner
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We have an installation which drops the L2 on BRI voice connection. The connection is to Telkom and we can establish a call and talk but after the call is dropped, L2 drops and the port is left without multi-frame established. The following is an ISD...

dbudden by Beginner
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Hi All, I have a back up question. It looks like our installation of CUCMBE has a bad hard drive or system board. Long story short, Cisco was not specific so they are sending me both to replace. I have taken a back up via the Disaster Recovery System...

dan hale by Participant
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