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The phone is a 7931, the router is an 1861ISR.I have the tftp statements in the global config, as well as the load statement in the telephony-service. when I plug in the phone, it gets an IP address via dhcp and then just sits for a while until it re...

Hello,i Have register one ip phone 7911 with cucm 8.0.2 version but after upgrade and restart the phone it shows me extension  and then unregisterwhen again i tyr to register with cucm, it showing upgrading window on ip phone screen but not moving ah...

Amit23 by Level 4
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Hi Guys,I know this is the telephony forum but it's a QoS question based on priority queuing.Bascially, below is the output of "sh policy-map int <inteface>.  There's only one match criteria under CM-3COM-PHONES-EF being matched and it's being given ...

Hi, Seems as though I'm having a ghard drive failureon one of my servers. Trouble is that I'm not sure I'm can identify the correct drive- 2 in system. Can you point to drive in bay 0 or 1 please?Oct 22 04:17:58, , Warning,  kernel, : mptbase: ioc0: ...