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Resolved! Cisco IP Phone 7962

Taking a look at Cisco IP phone's @ a new job.I've fixed a few things, however, I'm having trouble with this:The phone's are mostly 7962.  I've updated the phone names from the Device > Phone tab in Cisco Unified CM Administration.  For example, the ...

CDR tool

Hi all,I wonder if someone could kindly recommend a tool that can be used to extract data from CDR's, that shows if calls were transferred, put into conference mode, parked then picked up, by who etc.I've looked at the default reports in CAR services...

ali-franks by Beginner
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911 recording

Hello. We have a customer who has a main site, running CM7. They are opening a new site, and these new phones will be part of this pub/sub. What we want to do is have anybody at the new site who dials 911 get a recording that it isnt available or som...

mx by Beginner
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CCME - outbound carry DID / DDI

HiIm using SCCP. I have a bunch of direct dial numbers. I'd like them to show up when I call someone from the relevant extension, for examlpe when I call from handset 203, I'd like the DDI 433585 to show up on the recipients end - not the primary num...

davieshuw by Beginner
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Question about CallProcess

Hello guys ,I have a doubt with this scenario :1 CLUSTER2 H323 Gateways each with 3 E1 lines.1 RL point to RG ----GW1/GW2Scenario 1Imagine that i have LAN connectivy on GW1 but i put on shutdown state the 3 E1lines..If a make a call and i have my GW1...

Resolved! CUCM 8.0(1) Disc's not seen when loading on the approved IBM 7845I3 Server

Good morning guys,I am building a lab environment for CUCM 8.x with the NFR 8.x suite of S/W. At the time the IBM I3 was the only server Cisco supported for 8.0(1).I ordered a server direct from IBM 7947 model 22g  and have 4 gig ram correct processo...