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Hello, We are currently using a Be6000 system and when we schedule a call forwarding on our phones (model 7945) to external numbers, it works perfectly when the original call comes from an internal position, but when it is an external call then this ...

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Translator by Community Manager
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Resolved! Voicemail Message

I need to copy a voicemail message off of the Unity conn 7 server,I cant figure out how to add the extension to my my PCA to do so, I can do it on my mailbox with out an issue. I think only one person can be on the mail box at one time?Is there anoth...

Neal haas by Participant
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I have a customer with 700 phones running on CM 7.x wants to change phone configuration in 200 phones all at once just overnight . It is not like changing a DP or changing templates if it is I can use Bulk Admin Tool but these changes are significant...

balukr by Explorer
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Hello,At our company, we currently have 2 7825 CUCMs: 1 as Publisher and 1 as Subscriber. They recently purchased a new 7835 which they plan to replace the 7825 as the Publisher and then use the 7825 as a Subscriber. My question is: Which would be be...

Could any one tell me why cisco use T38FaxMaxDatagram: 72 in sip's sdp?  Why 72?I've an issue with t38 cisco+asterisk, 72 is too small for asterisk! 72 is too small at all.T38FaxMaxDatagram:Send: The T38FaxMaxDatagram attribute MUST be included. The ...

GeniuSSSS by Beginner
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We have 2610 Router connect to a PBX system in remote site extension start with 5xxx in this site can not call users in some remote site ( not all remote sites) but it do call users in main site . I have make a debug look like the call is disonneted ...

karim7784 by Beginner
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