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Where to find font for 7905G

Hi,I use a couple of 7905G phones at home. Phones are running SCCP firmware with Asterisk and I am using Swedish locales for both menus and network. I have service contracts on the phones and have downloaded the CME locales and extracted 7905-kate.xm...

vajper123 by Beginner
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Resolved! Reboot History

This morning I discovered that one of my UCM-7 Subscribers was off-line. How can I find out when it shut down / was turned off? If it was M$ I'd just look at the event logs. For Linux I'd look at the /var/log directory. Unfortunately I can't seem to ...

k6lw by Enthusiast
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external calls

Scenario: Two remote sites have VoIP enabled. Both sites can make free calls via WAN. My question is: How does user make external calls? My understanding is the only way out is by using the FXO to connect to the PSTN, is it correct?

zappo0305 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco HUCS

Hi all,I'm trying to get some more background on Cisco HUCS, it's been around for a while as multi-tenanted CUCM but now BT, Verizon etc are taking the platform and selling it as SaaS... They keep throwing words like virtulized around but it's not as...

ritsonr by Beginner
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One way audio problem

Hi Guys,I am trying to do test in the laboratory with callmanager 6.1 and I have the following problem: I configured the callmanager using the MGCP Protocol and I am using the directory number of PABX analogic. When I start the conversation the IP Ph...

wilsonsant by Frequent Contributor
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