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PRI at 150 Meters

Due a wrench thrown into our planning, we maybe force to run our 7 voice pri from demarc within the building to about 150meters. Per specs that I found, PRI maximum is 200meters. Has anyone ran their PRI around 150meters from demarc and what are your...

aamercado by Enthusiast
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Cisco 7961 SEPXXX.cnf.xml for 9-0-3S

Our company bought a few 7961 phones but we do not have CUCM, we thought we could connect these "SIP" phones to our provider's PBX thorugh NAT. And there wepe problems, which could not be resolved. Now they are lying in boxes for half a year already,...

3ft by Beginner
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Call Manager v7.0 SyslogSeverityMatchFound events generated: SeverityMatch - Alert sshd(pam_unix)[6836]: check pass; user unknown

Hi guys, I wonder if any of you experts have come across this error before ?. I have a customer that is getting this alarm  3 times a day on all three call Managers in the 3 node cluster at exactly the same time.  running  CM V7.0SyslogSeverityMatchF...

IP Phone Directory Search

Dear All;Is there a way to change IP Phone Directory Search Criteria from Last First name display (Default) to First Last Name display.So when user press Directory Search on IP Phone and search for someone then press search softkey, the list of users...