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HiI have a Call Manager 7.1.3 and 7911 phones who is not loading the software file.When I do the factory reset, the phone do not start the download of the file is permanently with the Cisco logo and back-do the reset.Can nay one help me?

Hello,I have a CUCME with a CUE and i have the folllowing call flow:The caller dials the PSTN number and the Auto-attendant prompts him to enter the extension he wants to reach. The phones are forwarded on No Answer to Voice Mail and the caller can r...

I have what I consider a strange problem.  When one of our sites calls 911, 911 sees the wrong caller ID from the number we dialed out on.  As a result, we keep receiving an adjacent county's 911 services.  My Cisco administrator tells me that she's ...

Kirk Gable by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a setup where we have CISCO IPT setup running independently and Separate AVAYA setup. Both are working fine.Now we have a plan to integrate both so that both the existing setup will be as it is and both cisco & Avaya users can communica...

I need some clarification regarding SRST in H.323 gateway.Usually, reset command in call-manager-fallback will helps to register the phones back to CCM in MGCP gateway. What about H.323. How to bring the phones back to the CCM in the H.323 gateway. I...

Currently Being ModeratedPublisher vs SubsciberHi,In a scneario of Publisher & Subscriber......if say all the phone are registered with Subscriber and Subscriber Goes down so what is the effect on IP Phones or will all features work properly.pls sug...