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I cannot seem to get my new VG-224 to register to CM.  Setting the VG-224 up as SCCP- I built the gateway in CM and configured the VG-224.  I can ping the IP address of the VG-224 but it does not register to CM.  Can post the VG-224 config if needed....

When using CCMUser, the user tries to change their password. When then try to save they get the following error:missing key in referenced table for referential constraint (informix.tk_enduser_tklocale)The kicker is the password is actually updated a...

mtashiro by Level 1
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Hi all,I wonder if someone could help me with the following doubts regarding Cisco's Business Attendant Console and Department Attendant Console.I've been reading datasheets and Q&A's but couldn't find what I needed to know.- Is it possible to upgrad...

guilherme by Level 1
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Hello,I have a cisco Call manager express 2821. Show Telephony-service command shows it as version 4.1(0).I have a cisco 7975 Phone which is running SCCP 8.3.2 version, recently i have tried to attache a operator console 7916-12 to it, but Phone wont...

Asim ali by Level 1
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Hi folks,I am trying to run the DMA tool 7.1.3 for Callmanager 4.1.3and got this error.ExportDatabase, returning [Failure- Product check; Database contains models that are no longer supported in this release. DT-24+, DE-30+, AT, AS, and ICS gatways a...

Hi,The CUCM 7.1  cluster is intergrated to AD. Users are able to search phones  number from the Corporate Directory Service. This is working only when the publisher is up. Becasue the Directory URL is pointing to the publisher ip address in the enter...