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Any one have trouble with caller id to Nortel switches? I am having trouble with a couple of sites that do not send caller id digits to Nortel sites, while sending caller id to cell phones and all other sites correctly.

Hi all,I have followed the folling steps to get Extension Mobility working but am having issues, when I press the services button I see the new service but when I select it nothing happens, could you look at the steps below to see if I have missed an...

martynch1 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have got a ccm 5 integrated with AD and authenticating. I currently have 15000 end users active on the ccm. My customer has been taken over by another company and has copied all users from the original AD to the new AD which is a different I...

I had the following set up Phone A 1234Phone B 2222Phone A wish to BLF phone B and be able to pickup Phone B when some cone alls 2222. When I tested it on 7.0 I only had to set the Subscribe CSS on Phone A to include  the Internal Partition and add D...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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My client is experiencing initermitent one way audio problems on their brand new 7921G phones.This happens for both internal as well as PSTN calls. And the one way audio direction is not constant. Sometimes, it is the 7921G can't hear the other sid...

huntlee by Beginner
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Hi All,I know it is possible to configure 7975 IP phone SSL VPN with ASA 8.0 and CUCM 8.0. I am looking for document to show how to configure 7975 IP phone SSL VPN with IOS router and CUCM 7.x. is it possible to set this up? if yes, can you please se...

Resolved! SRST vs CME-SRST

Hello All,I have configured and used SRST, but not CME-SRST. Can you help to guess how it works?For example, with CME-SRST have I got to add manually the ephone and ephone-dn or does it autoprovision?Only autoprovision the first time and then remains...

mcecilia by Beginner
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I am working with a new customer that had much of the install by another vendor, they have 2 gatekeepers, and a handleful of h323 gateways.  It looks like all the dial peers are in the gateways not the gatekeeper, which from what I understand is back...