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HI, i will install a Cisco Unified Communications Bussiness Edition  (7x version) with unity connection in a little hotel with no PMS system; my customer is asking about a feature called "voicemail autologin" supported on Meridian PBX. The customer n...

Hi all,I have a CME 8.0 installation with a 7962 and a 7915 connected to it.Everything works fine but the 7915 does not light, when it boots it lights the backlight but turns it off again and shows the configured buttons but very dark.Is there anythi...

rcordeiro by Beginner
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Hi,I have a problem to update my lab enviroment.When I update from to I´ll get this message:04/30/2010 14:21:05 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) installSql  rc[0]|<LVL::Debug>04/30/2010 14:21:05 CCMInstall|(CAPTURE) disablenotify  dsn[D...

m8kubicki by Beginner
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Resolved! cme help please

Hi Expert..I just wondering, if I have the topology below.... So, if RouterC would like to call RouterA.. how RouterB forward RouterC call to RouterA?Is there any features or options should I use?And in this topology, eigrp is involve (I can ping the...

Hi, I have a cisco router 1700 whit 2 fxs installed. In the fxs port 2/1, I have installed a analog phone, from my IP Phone call to the analog phone, and this rings but when I pickup the analog phone the call is finished.This output is showed when I ...

I am installing CME 7 and all the phones are 7902, 7912, 7940 and 7960's. I am having trouble finding the phone loads for these to put onto the 3825. Am I missing somehing? Can someone point me in the right direction?Thanks so much.Rick

wrickk_2 by Beginner
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Hi,We are moving from Call Manager 4 to CME 7. We will be configuring the new 3825 router with CME and also moving CUE from the old 3825 to the new 3825.My question is - Will we be able to retain the current configuration and voicemails? Or will ever...

nsrugis85 by Beginner
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I'm looking at solutions for a customer and just want to be very sure I'm correct:Can UC500 integrate at all with CUCM via a SIP trunk or as H.323 gateway? If not, why is it different? From what I understood it is just CME, or am I wrong?Thanks for y...

bimckenz by Beginner
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