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Resolved! Unity connection license issue

Hello everyone, I have an issue with one of my Unity Connection. It recently saw that it was never properly activated. It was not a problem because it works anyway but yesterday I had to change something into the user options. You should know that ch...

Sans titre.png cuc license.png no lic.png
Teliloul by Beginner
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CME 11.7

Hello,I've been having some weird behavior with a recently implemented CME solution on ISR4331, all 8851 phones.1) group pickup activates call forward to the first digit of the pickup group (the pickup is successful)2) a call transfer from phone A to...

Resolved! 8800 KEM only shows 'the phone is not set up for the expansion module' when connected to 8865

Hello,Trying to connect a 8800 KEM to a 8865 phone.  Have looked at several forums and threads, tried all the settings.  Still get the same message on the phone when I connect the 8800 'the phone is not set up for the expansion module'. In CUCM have ...

Doug by Beginner
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RTP Packets and NAT

I am mostly a network guy, so please forgive my lack of understanding. When RTP packets leave a router from a loopback interface that involved in NAT, it appears that the source IP remains unchanged. We were attempting to solve a NAT/SIP issue where ...

No outside line dial tone using third-party SIP Phone, but it works.

I have added an EnGenius SIP Durafon phone setup to our manufacturing environment to handle remote coverage for roaming supervisors, where no WiFI is available.  The phones work great, but I do not get a dial tone after pressing 8 for an outside line...

Jabber persistent chat testing

Dear All,I am planning to enable persistent chat on Jabber, but I would like to test it with 1 or 2 users before I make global changes. Could you assist me with this, please.Thanks in advance.Regards,Syed 

@Syed by Participant
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Resolved! Unified Attendant Console Standard, Update from 10x to 12.x. ...new License needed???

Hi guys,can somebody please shed some light on this?A customer has Issues with already installed UAC Standard after he did a Windows-Update (from 1809->1903) on his Windows10 system, before it was working properly.Firewall is not the issue, this was ...

SIP phones lose registration status to CCM servers when traffic goes over MPLS-based mGRE overlay

Here's the basic background:The remote site as two connections back to the data centers.  Single DMVPN cloud per transport.  Transports are MPLS and Internet.  On the Internet side there is a device, inline, that encrypts the GRE traffic (long story,...