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Hello, We are currently using a Be6000 system and when we schedule a call forwarding on our phones (model 7945) to external numbers, it works perfectly when the original call comes from an internal position, but when it is an external call then this ...

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On any of the 79x5 instruments, it appears if you have your headset hooked up to the headset port on the back of the instrument AND the handset plugged in to its port on the back as well- that whenever you have an active call using the headset that i...

When the 7971's reset they go to the main screen with only the time and date and DN. There is no other function on the phone. I have tried doing a factory reset and updated the FW to SCCP70.8-3-4SR1S. I have CUCM 6.1.2. Any thoughts?

Hello,I'm currently working on configuring onramp Fax on a Cisco 3825 with IOS 12.4(15)T9. We have Cisco CallManager Express 4.1 and Cisco Unity Express 3.1(NME-CUE module)I got some questions:I've configured the necessary dial-peers, one inbound pot...

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Hi,I am trying to configure voip lab where I have two voice router with fxo and fxs interfaces, I have analog line connected to fxo but I need to dial 89 to get external calls, I configured dial-peers pots and voips, if I dial an external line from f...

Resolved! VG200 and CM7.1?

Hopefully a quick and easy question for someone out there?We are planning our CM upgrade from 6.1(3) to 7.1 and want to make sure our VG200's that are currently in place are compatible.I've looked in as many places on the Cisco site as I can think of...