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HelloI need to upgrade our CME 8.6 to higher version. I got Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M8 , RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2).At main site CME, I need it to setup 2 SIP accounts using DN overlap and in previous...

Hi AllI have a Cisco CUCM 10.5.1 and integration between CUCM and CUC for Voicemail is Ok. Cisco documents said that "A voicemail profile is assigned to a directory number, not to a device". when I added voicemail profile to one device with shared li...

s.maxina1 by Level 1
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Hello,I want to change Diversion header from: 6090........ to: 02123766100 This is my rule:voice class sip-profiles 100request INVITE sip-header Diversion modify "<sip:6090........@>" "<sip:02123766100@>" I also added this profile under dial peer:dia...

ailhan001 by Level 1
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Here’s what I came up with for the SIP ACL. Any comments? Is there a way to test this before implementation on a production interface and will it create problems? ip access-list extended Inbound_SIP_ACLremark Permit SIP Portspermit tcp host a...

clattin by Level 1
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I try add the 8841 SIP phone to the CME with fast-track mode. But the phone still prompted "unprovisioned"Anything i am missing? Since i can't found any reference about the 8841 fast-track configuration. There is the CME configuration. IOS version 15...

Hi,I have one question regarding RTMT. In the regeneration article is written:Certificates should be regenerated before they expire. When the certificates are about to expire you will receive warnings in RTMT (Syslog Viewer) and an email with notific...

krizvite by Level 1
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Hi,We're planning to move from one sip provider to the other.We connect the cube to the other sip trunk and configure inbound/outbound dial peers.The new provider gives us a new number range for testing.I didn't configure new dial peers for the new s...

umutyasar by Level 1
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