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Resolved! Unity Tools MSM message arrives Question

Guys,Unity ToolsI have CM4.x and Unity 4.x. I am working with Cisco Unity Message Store Manager today.I want to use the script that is titled “Flush Messages from Deleted Items Folder”The Check Box says,Message Age“Messages that arrived more th...

tom by Beginner
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Resolved! Stopping Phones Firmware Update during Cluster Upgrade

Hi @ all,is there a possibility to stop automatic firmware updates for phones during an update on the cucm cluster. We have a big amount of phones and it would take a lot of ours, if the phones automatically update their firmware. Thanks for any idea...

CUCM LDAP integration

Hi All, I am trying to integrate active directory with CUCM 7.0. I have phone MAC address associated with the end users table. if you show me what are the steps to do it, I'd be very appreciated. Do I need to add all phones with BAT, then integrate t...

CM 5 & 6 difference

Hi,does CM 6.1 have all features of CM 5.1 with same scalability?i heard that CM6.1 is not for enterprise while CM5.1 is. is that correct? i want to buy Call Manager and don't know which version i have to buy.Thanks,S. Zamani.

VOIP to Telephone Gateway

I am using CISCO Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter over a free SIP service for voip communication between two spots.Now i want that spots can access local telephone lines of each other.SO VOIP caller can access Local Telecom and Local Telecom Caller can Acc...

IP port-map and sip

Hi,i am trying to configure the 2811 router to listen for SIP messages on non-standard sip port 5070 with "ip port-map sip port 5070" command. The port mapping is visible in "show ip port-map" and packets are recieved on 5070 port. The problem is, th...