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Hi, I this Hunt Group configured in the CCME:ephone-hunt 1 sequential pilot 3010 list 3000, 3001, 3003, 3004And the 3000, 3001, 3003, 3004 phone number are configured with the voice mail (Cisco Unity Express), and when the extension is bussy or not a...

Hello all,Anyone know how to check whether IP Phone have a license or not?We got Cisco IP Phone 7941 deliveried with two part number: CP-7941G and SW-CCM-UL-7941 in the dilivery document but only one box of IP Phone. The delivery told us that SW-CCM-...

Hey,We have about 60 DECT phones connected via an Eriscsson Freeset DECT system, which I know nothing about. We are hoping to integrate them into a new VoIP system but dont know how the system works.Does it use E1s to the PABX? Analogue lines? propri...

Guys - is it possible to use the OS CLI Teaming command:"set network failover"to team between switches or blades on the same vlan, or is this teaming limited to a single switch.Thanks

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Is there anyway of changing internal CLID. e.g. can the calling line ID of an extension be replaced with a hunt pilot number. Our IT helpdesk want to send their hunt pilot number (internal number) when they call users so that individuals do do get c...