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Guys,Got a problem with some overlapping numbers and tried using the the line device CSS Approach as outlined in the SRND but feel I have an issue based on the CTI port caveat. I.e the CTI port wont follow the Line device CSS approach.The phone syste...

bigcappa1 by Enthusiast
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Hi All, is there any way to split subscribers in unity connection? for example incoming calls hit to auto attendant, then caller can dial extension at any time. is it possible to allow caller be able to reach only certain subscribers? I did CSS and p...

hi i have this issue, and i want to know if someone knows how to fix the issue up.the issue only happens to the outgoing calls, the call setup is:ip phone-> ucm -> e1(qsig) -> panasonicthe call establishes well, but the cisco phone does not heard th...

Hi all,Hi have two cluster running on a customer, last week i have tried to configured a blf on a 7961 on the first cluster that worked fine, but when i tried to configured the blf on the other cluster i have get the folowing error when add the blf:...

patcbr600 by Beginner
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Hi All,I am experiencing problems when adding 2 x 7915 expansion modules to a 7962 G phone. I currently have this successfully setup & operational in several locations on our call manager v 6.1. It looks as if the 7962 is not actually seeing the 7915...

norrie108 by Beginner
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