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Numbering Plans

Hi,Im currently installing a 6.1 cluster and reworking our route patterns, at the moment we have individual router patterns for each location.I've read that best practice states if you want to filter numbers then don't use the cisco numbering plans a...

dkirby by Beginner
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Hi all,the cenario is the following:i have my phones in SRST (a 2811 router and i lost connection to CCME), i have a dial-peer pointing to a softswitch for all calls, no problem with that. all calls work fine.my problem resides in manipulating the fo...

dinorubio by Beginner
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CME call forwarding rule

Hi,I have a strange issue since yesterday.I upgraded my CME from 4.2 to 7.0.Someone from PSTN call a DN (20) which have a call forward all to an other DN (30). On the phone I can see on the display the Original Calling Number and Called Number.It's a...

CUE External VM access

Hi Guys,I am trying to setup external voicemail access to CUE using one of the PSTN numbers. I have tried different things and currently have a translation rule to match my designated pstn number and replace it with the pilot number. However this is ...

MGCP Gateway Unregistration Issue

Hi,I want to ask about how actually MGCP works in Call Manager. When a gateway is not reachable again by the Call ManagerHow long will it take for the Call Manager to change the status to unregistered ? Because in my site, it still registered until o...

sr2290723 by Beginner
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Unity Service doesn't start

We are running Unity 4.0(3) with Exchnage5.5. Problem is we are unable to access Unity Admin web-page. On the right-hand side of the system tray I saw the message "Unity Stopped" which means that Unity Service has stopped. Tried restarting the servic...

Resolved! Phone Regsitration problem

Hi All, I am facing problem while registring IP phones on CCM version 6.0 on SIP.But when I am selecting Device Protocol as SCCP, phones get registered .The error which appears while registering on SIP on IP phones ERROR REGISTRATION DBCo .On CUCM Ad...

amansoi_5 by Beginner
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FXO Incoming call Handling

Hi,We are facing two problems on CCME 7.0 with 2 cards / 2ports FXO.When we call from the Co Trunk line, there is one ring from the CO before the CCME ring starts. And when the call is made from the prepaid mobile phone we notice that the billing sta...

microtel by Beginner
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