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quality of voice during call

hi  i have complain from some users that the other side cant hear us well when talking but they are hearing them very well  just to summarize the connection as below : prima cell with antenna device with vodafone sim card installed inside and directl...

Expired CAPF certificate

Hi All,   Please help me with the below query   I have cucm 10.5 cluster.   There are some CAPF trust certs which are expired.I would like to know if I delete the CAPF trust, how it can be regenerated. What would be the impact of deleting the expired...

Outbound Fax Issues - SIP Fax Machine - PSTN - PRI - MGCP - CUCM - RICOHFAX

Hi Everyone,   Looking at connecting our Ricoh Fax's via SIP to CUCM so we can get rid of our POTS lines.  We are able to build the 3rd party sip endpoint in the CUCM and the RICOHFAX can receive faxes but the RICOHFAX is unable to send faxes.  It wi...

wharris623 by Beginner
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