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Fax Machine - FXS Port issue

Dear AllI have H.323 VG router, i have FXS port which a FAX machine is connected to, i configured the required dial-peer. and i can send fax. but the problem is i can not receive. i have this issue, i dont know if it is efecting. when i conenct analo...

Call pickup.

Hi, I am using UCM5.1.3.Is it posssible to pick the call for specific extension.Suppose I am the user and I am two desks away from my desk I know that my extension is ringing, is it posiible for me to pick that call by dialling my extension number fr...

Resolved! Unity admin account issue

Greeting's,I have a Unity 4.2 UM system. I imported users from exchange and added them with the default admin template. When they go to the unity url they get the following error: Server.CreateObject(AvSaLocalization.AvSaLocalization.1) failed.This i...

hbarrera2 by Beginner
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CME Remove DND Status

Does anyone know if it is possible change the dnd status of an ephone without using the actual phone and without reloading the whole system.The reason I ask is we had a customer who asked us to change a hunt group list after hours. But a phone that w...

nremmer by Beginner
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Resolved! CME Wizard problem

Hi.I've been having trouble getting the CUE HTML wizard to log into CME.i've reloaded a different IOS on in and GUI files, but to no avail.Basically when I type in my CME ip address, username and password into the wizard, I get a connection refused, ...

davieshuw by Beginner
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Resolved! MOH issues with CUCM 6.1

I can not get CUCM to play the ringback.wav file for MOH. This file was downloaded from UCCX (g711 version). All other MOH files work fine. There were no errors while uploading the file to CUCM, the MRGs and MRLs are configured correctly, the phones ...