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Dear experts...  Has anyone ever configured SIP trunk coming of CME that has NAT? Can you please share you experiences on how you resolved one way NAT.\ https://ucpros.net/sip-one-way-audio/ I am being advise the ITSP should be involved issue is the ...

Hello,we change our ISP from ISDN to SIP. With the new ISP we use SRTP. With our phones it is no problem to call via this connection. The phones have certificats and all is fine. But with our VG310 i have a question. I know i can connect the VG310 vi...

Hello guys, Our client has a requirement that they need to have an automatic calling feature to automatically contact multiple users on predetermined numbers, and play a prerecorded message. I believe this can be done by Cisco Paging, but they don't ...

Our users are stating that they only hear the phone ring through their plantronic headset. The issue is they don't want to have to wear the headset all day in order to know if a call is coming in or not. Is there a way to configure both the phone and...

afaudale by Level 1
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Hello, We currently have SRST's at many remote sites.  Each site has approximately 5-10 POTS lines which cost $20-$40/each depending on site.  I was curious if it's possible to use something like cellular instead of POTS lines for this.  Does anyone ...

B_VOIP_NE by Level 1
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