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CVP CallControl on CCM

Running CVP 4.0 and CCM 6.0 and ICM 7.2.2 - CVP comprehensive model with SIP Proxy. Remote G729 site with CCM location-based CAC both CallCentre and regular IPT Calls traverse the WAN to Remote Site and back.When Call is routed to agent at remote si...

charl by Beginner
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9@ route pattern

hi Guys,I am on 5.1 and have a problem for a site in North America.When using the 9@ route pattern users are unable to make outgoing calls(your call cannot be completed as dialled) yet when pattern is changed to 9! it works fine....Any thoughts much ...


I have a small issues, I have several t1's coming into a gateway and I am using cme as srst and bacd as a backup solution. The issue I am having is trying to get several nummbers inbound ie xxx-xxx-1000, xxx-xxx-3050 to transform to a single four dig...

miket by Contributor
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2nd call line display

If you have 2 lines on a phone and one is active in call - a call to the 2nd line can only flash/beep/ring.....is there a way to have it show up on the screen?It does this for a 2nd call to the line that is active but not another line.Manish

mdaswani by Beginner
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Linksys Phone

Hi,I was wondering if anyone has any experince in setting up a Linksys Phone that is connected to a Cisco switch? My understanding is that Linksys IPPhones are running CDP, my configurations are as follows.interface range gigabit 0/1-48switchport mod...