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FXS Ports Hanging

I have a problem where a 3640 VoIP gateway FXS ports will hang for over a minute after a call is disconnected. Overtime, the ports will completely lock up and need to be reset. Here is the scenario:H.323/3640/FXS-------FXO/PBX/Digital-PhoneSo, the ...

fax server

i need to integrate the fax server with call manager system so i need any headlines i can start from it i need to know the basic steps needed to configure the call manager for this

CUCM 6.0.1 - Non Defined IMS Exception

I've got 2 users in a Windows AD domain that I assigned permissions for making simple phone modifications in CUCM. These user accounts worked as expected in 5.x. After the recent upgrade to, when an attempt to login to ccmadmin with th...

kmr by Beginner
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Hi! Sometimes, when CFwdALL on phone is deactivated, that forward gets stucked on phone and stays active. But there in no notification on phone that phone is forwarded. Solution is to manualy set/remove forward for that line (via ccmadmin webpages)....

PSTN Calls to IP Phones.

I'm in need of help. I have an IPT single site deployment as shown attached. The PSTN Line connected to the router (Cisco 1760 router) port 2/0 is 012714045 (01 is the area code). I also have a GSM number: 08056606065. When the lady calls the PSTN li...

peternnaji by Beginner
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