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i only use my unity for voice mail and AA and have 52 users with voice mail, after syncing my licenses im getting a shortage as shown in the attached picture , does that mean that "Unity Connection Basic Messaging User Licenses" is used for voice mai...

unity license shortage.PNG
baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, The CUCM was configured to register with the Jabber Endpoint for phone services. However I see that when I try to login to the application, The Jabber app shows an error saying "Untrusted server. No services discovered." I have the certificates i...

Hello, When logging into CUCM and you are presented with this warning message. Is there any way to monitor for this occurrence? Doesn't appear to be a syslog or RTMT alert. Only if it is in overage for those. I found some OIDs but when I try to walk ...

All, We're looking at changing our PRI's over to SIP.  I understand there is licensing that we will have to purchase for the SIP trunks, but will we have to make and changes to our phone configurations?  Currently we use SCCP protocol...will we have ...

Hi Everyone, I am having issues migrating our SCCP phonse to SIP. After lunching the migration using Bulk Administration --> Phone --> Migrate Phone --> SCCP To SIP, all phones stay in unregistered mode. It looks like CUCM is not able to delete the S...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Hi, sip trunk is connected to third party  sip server , call coming through the sip shows  a number like 8796543567 I want to  transform this number to  5567 do I need to use calling party transformation css , if yes how can i do that Thanks 

elite2010 by Participant
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