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Hi guys,We have a customer that's using a 2950XL switches with IOS 12.01 and 3500XL series switches. I know you can do limited QOS configuration on them. What type of QOS can be configured on the 295XL and 3500 Xl switches.I basically need some facts...

Hi all,Have anyone got problem with winmgmt.exe process in Call Manager ?Currently I'm using CCM 4.1(3)SR4D. I know that the cause of winmgmt spiking is the monitoring software Cisco Unified Operations Manager 2.0. Currently I disable the WMI service...

sr2290723 by Beginner
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Hi,I currently have the following scenario. AVoIP network based on the CCM5.x and Cisco SCCP Phones, a Cisco 2811 working has a gateway. The gateway is connected to the PABX via BRI. The Phone numbers on the VoIP phones are 3.... and the phone number...

labredes1 by Beginner
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hi i was wondering if there is any differance between voice and data vlan for a switch on the frame stracture perhaps or anything else. is it nessesary to create voice vlan for an ip phone to play or just a data vlan?thanks

bkoum by Beginner
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I have probably deployed about 80 7960 IP phones. Over time, about 10 or 12 of these have been RMA'd because suddenly the footstand just fails and will not latch into place, it just goes completely floppy. I can say with almost complete certainty tha...

Hello,I have the following topologyext 200-->CME-A--WAN---CME-B---> ext 300on CME A i have a VoIP DP to CME-B and vice versa. On CME-A I also have a POTS DP with the same pattern to CME-B what with higher preference for failed calls over IP.What is h...

p.holley by Beginner
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I'm using CCM 5.1 and have a question about call pickup. The customer would liek to be able to pick up calls from anyone in the company. They'd like to have it configured so if a call is coming in from the desk next to them, they press Pickup then ...

I need a translation for an h.323 gateway that will strip the first 5 digits from calls originating from 31238..... and 84795.....I triedtranslation-rule 1 rule 0 ^847950.... 0 rule 1 ^847951.... 1.... rule 9 ^847959..... 9but that leaves me no room ...

mlebron by Beginner
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We know CER will work for a campus enviroment, but what about for remote offices? If I have a centralized cluster, and remote SRST sites, can they on the CER and have CER redirect 911 calls through their local gateways? Or do I need a CER server at...