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CFA not working at all

We are running a Call manager 4.01 CFA was working fine. its not working at all now, even between local phones. I already checked all CSS and partitions but i don't know where to look anymore. Can anyone point me to the right direction When assigned ...

calling-info on BRI lines

Hi everybody,I want change the "Display Name Field" in a SIP packet when i received a call from isdn in a 2821 gateway. The problem is that I can't put diferents names depending on the BRI that receives the call.I can only modify the name with "calli...

rcastanov by Beginner
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AA and Mobile line Problem

i have a CME 4.0 on 2821 and IOS 12.4(11)XJ4 with 8 FXO interfaces ,6 of them are conncted with PSTN analog lines and 2 with GSM Mobile line ( using Prema Cell) .i configured IVR (AA) on the CME ,the 8 line are under the AA.the Problem is, when i dia...

m_ibrahim by Beginner
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DNs ring fast busy

Hello - we are using CUCM 5.1. We see an issue when a DN is assigned to multiple phones and we make a change in the admin gui - like deleting one of the devices, or changing the calling search space for the DN. After completing the change, includin...

elbyte by Beginner
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7911 Mounting Kits

Has anyone used the universal wall mount kits to attach the 7911's to the wall? I ordered 4 to look at and they work fine for the 7941 & 7970 but not for the 7911. Was wondering if there was a different one for these?

cyoungblut by Beginner
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CCM 4.1 and Distinctive Ring

I have CCM 4.1 and was wondering if it is possible to set a distrinctive ring for a particular extension. In other words, let's say I want extension 1234 to ring a certain way when that extension calls my phone and a different ring for every other e...

gwin.kurt by Beginner
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Default Options with CCM

Dear Sir I would like your assistance regarding CCM4.2(3)sr2b. I am using CCM 4.2(3)sr2b , i want to useCP-7961 phone without license in my LAb. Could you plz tell me which options phone will support and which it doesnot without license.I dont wanna...

CCM5.1b issue, opinions?

Hi Guysmy customer is running CCM 5.1b cluster of two MCS-7825i2 servers for around 100 IPT users. I've encountered a strange problem this week; any updates on any IP phone through CCMAdmin (CSS, adding service to phone, change device pool, change MR...

Majdi Harb by Participant
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