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hi can any one help me in this case:i have 7906 phone and want to upgrade its firmware to SIP v8.x what is the easiest way to do this/i have ccm 5.1 that supports 7906, i added manually SIP phone from the CCM admin page, but the result is that 7906 d...

Good Day to All,One of my interprise client encountered problem when pressing the call forwarding button in their cisco Ip phone,after keying the extension or tel. numbers, it appears in the screen "database Unreachable", all of their ip phones had t...

Resolved! conference BW

hiassume that i have multisites model with centralized CCM cluster, i want to use for conference brigdes only the software resource available on the CCM (IP Voice Media Streaming Service) and initially i don't want to use any HW resources for confere...

I am planning to install a 3825 router that will be a data WAN router and a voice gateway. It will have a data T1 and a voice PRI. Can the same VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 card serve both circuits? Or once I configure 'voice-card 0' will that card be only usabl...

bhawes by Beginner
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I have an IOS voip router and an Asterisk PBX. Some FXS ports are registered as extensions on the PBX. I would like to also provide IP-IP gateway to a SIP provider on this router, but do not want the router to attempt to register the FXS ports with...

in setting up the cm-fallback ip phone option, there does not appear to be an option for 7912 ip phones. System show options below. To get the system to show 7912, do we need to upgrade something?config-cm-fallback)#limit-dn ? 7910 IP Phone 7910 7...

kemurdock by Beginner
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Resolved! PRI and Dialogic

I have anewly created, internal pri. In the other end, we have a server that will call a parent when a child is absent from school. That part works fine. But there is also a feature we'd like to use that allows the parent to call in to check messa...

charliez by Beginner
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