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Resolved! AAR issue with unity voicemail

I have a issue and was wondering if some in the post have a workaround.A remote site that invokes AAR has problems when the press the message button. They get the general greeting.Is there way to fix this without going to every sub account in unity a...

jgittins1 by Beginner
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AAR with Unity

Hello:I'd like to use the AAR feature to have incoming DID calls to remote site phones set for fwd'd bsy/na to vm, to use the pstn when the wan link is down or out of bw.the site will have a pub 4.2, and unity 4.2 at central and a sub at remote. metr...

rvincent by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Sip phone RTP statistics

Hello,I have a C7940G in SIP firmware POS3-08-6-00.I need to regularly check the RTP counters by telnetting to it and do "sh rtp".But I need a way to reset these counters.Clear RTP doen't exist so the only way I found was to reset the phone ; which i...

kwillocx by Beginner
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CME idle URL

Hi,I have a CME system and trying to get the company logo Up on the LCD when phone is idle. What format must the image be in, and what tools can i use to edit the image. If there is a document that shows how to do this, it will be helpfull. Thank you

p.holley by Beginner
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2 Phones 1 Number

Hello EveryoneIs there a way in CCM 4.0 to configure 2 devices a 7936 and 7960 with same number such that when you pick up either you can have the choice of talking on which ever one you want. Like you do at home when the phone rings. I able to share...

jalston45 by Beginner
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E1 R2 config

Hi All...I need to configure an E1 R2 link.But can't realli get it up and running?I was given only the following info from the Telco..Trunk Group type: - E for Incoming started from TS 17<31 - S for Outgoing started from TS 1<15Other parameter w...

benny by Beginner
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