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CCIE Lab question

1.Do we need to program IPCC or CUE scripts during lab?2.Looking how to access Translation rules documents from UniverCD, not able to do so.3. Do we need to change phone load for ATA for example from SCCP to H323 and viceversa?Answers will be rated.T...

Iimit the AA time?

Problem:The reception handles all the calls in business hours. AA only works for 3 hours(5:00pm ~ 8:00pm)after business hours because somebody continues working but nobody works at reception.How can I limit the AA working time? System: CME 4.1 and AA...


When a user accesses Unity Express via call-in, are the prompts hard coded or can they be customized?i.e. press 1 to play new messages, press 2 to play saved messages.Can that be changed to: press 1 to play saved messages, press 2 to play new message...

ali.rizvi by Beginner
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Ordering software-Part Numbers

Not really a forum topic, but I'm having some trouble finding part #s. I'm upgrading ICM 6.0 and CVP 3.1 to ICM7.0, CVP 4.x, and implementing IPCC4.0, and obviously Win2k to 2003. Does anyone have links where I can find the proper part #s for this ...

alltelicm by Beginner
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Resolved! SRST question

HiWhen in SRST mode, is it possible to define witch phones do register with the SRST gateway? For example I have 60 phones in the same region, as define in the CallManager (4.2), but the license for the SRST is only to 48 phones, and I would like to ...

PijamaMan by Beginner
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Callmanager 5 and Unbity

Does anyone know for sure what version Unity works with CM 5. There are lots of references to tested with 4.2 Unity but the matrix says it is a TSP version 8.? that is the factor. Can anyone tell me for sure if 4.0.5 will work with callmanager 5.1.Th...

miket by Contributor
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IP phone authentication mode

HiI have a new cm 4.2.3 installation that will be using authentication secure mode.Can anyone tell me, or provide a doc that describes the pros and cons of the 4 phone authentication modes. what is best practice?the cisco security doc"s are a little ...

rvincent by Beginner
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