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CME Upgrading questions

Good day,   I just have a few questions about upgrading CME on a router. I know it's tied to the IOS, I have done CME upgrades before, but never have done them from this old of a version to this new of one.   I'm more curious over licensing. The CME ...

Voice Router Prefix adding problem ( iam beginner)

i Configured SIP trunk between Voice Router and Freepbx the Freepbx Extensions are 3..i need to add Prefix Number 8 on Voice router , so i will call 83.. instead of 3.. and i need to reach to FreePbx with its original 3.. what i made as below but not...

2 questions about CUCM

So I work for a school district and am decent at working my way through our cisco phone system. But I have a specific type of search i would like to do if possible.  I am looking to see if there is a way to search for external phone number masks. I h...

CUBE HA collect error

on every call call I am seeing this error.  can not find any reference to it.  Jun 16 23:46:50.452: %VOICE_HA-3-DATA_COLLECT_ERR: (ACTV-Call Leg Data Collect): HA Module SIPSPI reported DATA COLLECT failure (mainst ID:1093, CID:1093).Jun 16 23:46:50...

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