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I'm currently cleaning up unused direct inward dial numbers and I'm trying to determine if the device profiles that have extensions associated to them are no longer in use.  Are there any cisco reports where I can see when the last time a device prof...

Hi, is it possible to run on an old 7925 wifi phones a secure url? like extension mob for example? i installed the capf cert but nothing happens when i press the url.... this is all running fine on a 8821 phone.. thanks

I have a Cisco CP-7841 desk phone. I have set the backlight timer (Settings -> User Preferences -> Screen Preferences -> Backlight timer) to 10 s. The change holds for the remainder of the day, but when I return the office the next day, the setting h...

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Resolved! CME Redundancy?

In my setup I have Cisco3845 CME routers(C3845-VSEC-CCME/K9), one with CUE module, other with non-CUE(The customer is o.k. not to have voicemails if the CUE-module CME router fails). Both the CME are on same localtion/Lan.Each router will have one E1...

I have an Enduser who's extension does this when dialed. If the calling party is outside the network, the calling party hears 20 seconds of nothing. Then the call drops. And the Called party's phone gives a short ring and shows a miss call from the c...

I am getting tons of RTMT alerts as given below. Is there anyway I can find the phone/mac that is causing this? We use extension mobility in our entire company consisting of about 100 remote sites. My CUCM version is 11.0MatchedEvent : Jun 20 16:04:3...

Hi EveryoneI had a strange issue that has been happening to users and today it happened to me as well. I had a call today at 8:30am and the call  went on until 9:15 and then it just dropped. So I looked back in my call history and the call isn't ther...