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CMM Upgrade

Hi I am curently runing CM 4.1 (3)sr1 I want to upgrade to 4.1 (3) sr4b is anyone running sr4b it was released 11/10 so I was just trying to get some feedback if anyone is running it. I have a CTI issue that is fixed in SR4b.Thanks

IPMA Assistant Console

Hi, folks.I've tested IPMA Assistant Console with two different clusters ( 4.1(2) and 4.1(3) ) and I had the same problem.After I launch the application the message Connection error appered in my XP station.See the part of ACLog0.txt. The Assistant u...

rdamaso by Beginner
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Resolved! 2821 SIP

Got a good one here. Customer is looking at using the 2821 router. They are being delivered an ethernet pipe from a co-location facility. It is carrying SIP G.729 traffic. They want to take this traffic and convert to T1 TDM for a server locally....

dtabor by Beginner
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7906 and SRST

Dear fellows, does anybody tried to register an 7906 with SRST??? in the release notice they said that is supported, but it is not true, i tested with srst3.3, and 4.0, does anybody can help me?I have a 4.2(3)CALLMANAGER and srst is in a 2851 with 12...

dsp farm service for hardware mtp

Now I need enable DSP resource service for hardware MTP. But I meet some trouble when I input following recommand:dspfarm profile 30 mtpcodec g711ulawassociate application SCCPmaximum sessions hardware 0 Why is the maximum session number here 0?I ca...

king-1195 by Beginner
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