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Srs, how are you?I'm having a problem executing MOH, I've done the audio conversion as requested by CUCM, G711u, 8Hz, 8bit, mono. When making a call within the CUCM extension x extension the MOH does not run, the connection is muted,but if the connec...

ebispo by Beginner
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Hello, I'm applying the following translation pattern in my voice gateway, but can't make it work voice translation-rule 1rule 1 /0944994433/ /5000/rule 2 / 5000/ /1000/the first rule goes to CUCM and phone rings, but if CUCM is not reacheable, I wan...

TrickTrick by Participant
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Dear,Scenario that i have here is: Imagicle stonefax------sip-------cube router-------sip-----ITSPI don't know what should be the problem that i can't send fax from imagicle stonefax but i can receieve that.I appreciate if you could help me with that...

We have a 8841 Cisco IP phone, on it display light idle time is configured. It is turning off as expected, however 4 way navigation button turns on as soon as display light goes off.  On phone configuration, no setting available for navigation light?...

Hi, Is it possible to configure the router VG202XM to make calls from one phone to another without having to use CUCM?To make it clearer, the exemple it would be like this: in one room (Room 1) one phone (Phone #1) connects to the router and next to ...

Pacoila by Beginner
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Good Morning Gentlemen I was given a task to configure two CISCO 2911 routers in order to pass through them 3 fixed hotlines from our national telecommunication provider (Hellenic Telecommunication Company) and one PSTN line. I have done all the pro...

asdadm1n1 by Beginner
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Dear All,I have a CME with version 12.1 and I have configured the expansion module connected to 8861 IP Phone. the following is my configuration. voice register pool 100busy-trigger-per-button 2id mac 0056.2B04.D4EEtype 8861 addon 1 CKEMnumber 1 dn 1...