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A customer wants to dial 8 for an outside line. Right now it's a 9. I checked the route plan report and they have about 40 extensions that start with an 8. Some are for call park, voicemail ports, pickup group, and 800 is a route to the voice gate...

Dear Professional,I will setup a demo to one of customer and they are planning to use for their lab. Currently, We have 2 Cisco Router 2801 bundle with CCME, FXO and FXS, 2 3550 switch and 4 7940 IP Phones. They want to show the VOIP features and IP ...

JUNKSA_2 by Beginner
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I have all of the COR lists and dial-peers set up properly, but my phones keep matching the 91[2-9]..[2-9]...... dial-peer instead of the 91900....... dial-peer which is assigned to another list. How many dial-peers do I have to configure for long d...

I am working on an upgrade from 4.1(3) to 5.0 and every time I install the DMA Tool (either 5.0(2) or 5.0(4)) it blows up my publisher. The phones seem to still work fine, but I can not access or change anything and the DMA web page does not come up...

dwh by Beginner
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