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I thought the Partition and CSS Limitation was addressed in CCM 4.X. Straight out of the book: The maximum length of the combined CSS clause (device and pattern) comprises 1024 characters, including separator characters between partition names (for...

mdress by Beginner
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We have a H323 gateway with different bearers on each interface. Our CILE cannot establish which interface was used for a call so we are unable to apply correct tariff. Is it possible to distinguish interface used?

richb1971 by Enthusiast
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Hi,I have couple of 7936's that keep rebooting in one of our offices.I know they both work because of i move them to another office they work fine.I have adjusted speed/duplex , removed the voice vlan and also updated to the latest code 3.3.12.Any id...

m.batts by Enthusiast
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I,ve got an 2821 gw with dsp an fxo ports, when the router recieves a call on the fxo port the call is forwarded to the ip telephone and fails, busy tone is heard form the telephone that is calling.The CSS, partitions and the mgcp is configured right...

I?m having problems with a CCM 4.1(3) cluster that consists of one publisher and one subscriber. If a new phone registers to the publisher, no one can call the phones extension, even though everything is setup correctly. What would cause this?Thanks,...