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Hi All,I am having an issue with CUE and MWI not working. I have it setup but it's not working and I'm getting some odd errors in the debugs. It is NM-CUE 2.3.2 running on a 2811 with IOS 12.4.9T1. Config items:dial-peer voice 100 voip incoming calle...

microsage by Beginner
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I get this error when going through the route patterns click on the edit by the route list and clicking on the route group, click on the gateway and click on the FXO interface.DBLX.AnalogAccessPortListX.1error '80040615CDBLException Dump: [ActiveX ob...

I'm having trouble when my exchange cluster fails over. The MWI are out of sinch. I can go refresh status this then fixes the problem. I have also restarted the AVnotifier mgr and the avmsgstoremonitorsvr. This does not fix the issue. If any one...

Hi,anybody knows if it is possible to use two handset in a single cisco IP phone?if yes, with which model of IP phone?if not, is it possible to use one handset and one headset together in a single cisco IP phone? If yes, suppose I am on the phone wit...

liettig by Beginner
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This is a stand-alone install; no callmanager. CRA engine service will not start. Windows MMC says "The service did not return an error. The could be an internal Windows error.. blah blah blah..."This is my second install on IPT OS 2000.2.7. The ...

mmorris11 by Enthusiast
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