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Hi, we have a VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE and the layer 1 is deactivated. The ISDN line is a point-to-multipoint , and the carrier has test the line and all is correct (include the cable that arrive to the card). The IOS is 12.4.(4)XC4 (before upgrade we use IOS...

davidsr by Beginner
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I am installing Callmanager 5.0(4) for testing purposes. I understand that this version has to have a license for the IP phones. I was issued one and uploaded it to the server. When I try to add a phone I get a "license not found" error message. Anyb...

Hi,We're having an intermittent issue with one particular route pattern (for now, maybe more patterns are affected that we don't know of yet). When we have a CSS permitting the partition for tollbypass, sometimes the call goes through, sometimes we g...

Sandy Lee by Enthusiast
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Hi,design is simple: mgcy gateway which has PRI line, ccm 4.1.3 and ata186 everthing is ok except sending fax. i am tyring to send fax to pstn but most of the time i got fail.which settings should be for ata audio mode: 0015 , 0012, 0035 ?which se...