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List Extension on Voice Gateway ports

We have two 350 Voice gateway and each has 96 ports on it.  they have fax number extension assigned to them,  is there a way to see a list of all the VG ports and the extension assigned to them?  Rather than going to port by port and grab the descrip...

svadmin by Beginner
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Call forwarding issue

I have a user stating their ext is forwarded to a cell number but when I look in call manager the Forward All field is blank.  The user is saying the phone display doesn’t show the phone as forwarded either but when you call the ext it goes to the ot...

cdnail by Beginner
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Auto Miss Call

Hi, I have cucm 11.5 implemented. Lately i was told of auto miss call  on cisco jabber and cisco ip phone. there is call on few phones (or jabber) without actually making call for them. How is this possible? Please help!

Sonam by Beginner
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How to deploy a global setting en mass for multiple VoIP users over a network

Good Afternoon   Is there a way to deploy a setting found in the cisco Configuration Utility Gui over a network for multiple users at once? For example, turning on call forwarding for multiple phones. I assume there is, but I am having a hard time fi...

ATA 187 deregistered

I've got CUCM and 5 ATA 187My problem is that sometimes the ATA 187 randomly deregistered and the only solution is power off and power on the ATA.This happen to all ATA.I've checked if there is a new ATA firmware but there isn't.Any id...

bagnolini by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM SIP Trunk Incoming Numbers Manipulation

Hi, We've CUCM 12.0 running as standalone server, and recently we have migrated our H.323 GW to Sip trunk through a service provider. The international calls in with hte format:  0+<CountryCode><PhoneNumber> We need to strip off the + digit, and add ...

Resolved! Remove NTP from CUCM

Dear All, A quick question. I want to remove an NTP reference from CUCM which is not in use from long time now, may I know the best & easiest method to trace the dependency and remove it safely? CUCM Version: 9.1.2 For your information, I am not seei...

Syed by Participant
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IM&P 11.5 add subscriber

Trying to follow 'Installation Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM and Presence Service Release 11.5(1)' to add a new IM&P subscriber and am following to understand a couple of the steps, I wonder if anyone can help explain?   Step ...

dbooth by Beginner
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