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DTMF tones and firewall

Hello. I have two Cisco phones 1 and 2, on my desk and on the same LAN. If phone 1 makes a call to phone 2, DTMF tones are handled properly. If I make a call to phone 1 from the outside (with my mobile phone), DTMF tones are not handled at all. I...

leam2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Factory Reset 8821

Hello, I have a Cisco 8821 that display a strange error that is "MIC not installed", it's broken or I can do something for let it works? Second question: how do I perform a factory reset on this model? Thanks

adelaura by Beginner
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Will Blocking internal DN's as incoming Calling Party ID's break SRST?

Good Morning,       My customer is frustrated with telemarketing calls that appear to be coming from internal DNs (280-433-xxxx) and has asked me to block these from reaching our devices.  My immediate concern was for the two remote sites we have tha...

RAustin70 by Beginner
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DTMF over Sip Trunk ?

CUCM CUC 11.5   I have a Sip Trunk connection to a Valcom paging unit. I can connect to the valcom unit ok, it answers and waits for me to dial additional digits, to call a specific device, ip speaker. This will work ok calling from an analog input, ...

Resolved! Hunt Group Call Notification

Hello all!   We have a hunt group with several members. One of the members is requesting a way to be alerted the call is coming in for the hunt group and not their personal extension. I think they would like it to keep the original CNAME and Caller I...

chris_funa by Beginner
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