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Hello, I am trying to configure external sql database for file transfer and presistent chat with IM &P 11.5 but every time I get error failed connection although I made the steps shown in the guide and in jaime valencia video please check attached er...

Hello, I am facing a problem while Upgrading CUCM 11.5 TO 12 I get this error /usr/local/cm/script/cm-dbl-install l2 postinstall /usr/local/cm/ /partb/usr/local/cm/ /common/log/install/capture.txt failed (1)failed to u...

Dear Community:   Looking to traces on MRA multi lines phone registration, i don't see second or tertiary lines numbers on the registration process (on the REGISTER message specifically)?   Does someone knows how those secondary and tertiary lines ge...

aalejo by Level 5
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