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8831 one way audio

Several 8831s at a site report one way audio periodically.  The users dial into an external, third party conferencing service.  Once in a while, everyone else can't hear the users on the 8831.  They have to hang up and dial in again.  The firmware is...

Scuromano by Beginner
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Emergency phone immediately disconnects after dialing. (VG204xm to CUCM 11.5)

The emergency telephone (Ramtel RR733, or maybe R733) will dial 911 and hang up.  An older model seems to work fine.  We thought it might be a distance issue, but the behavior is the same when connected directly to the gateway in the closet.   Where ...

New Install of Call Manager 11.5

Hello, I have completed a new install of Call Manager 11.5.   I can log into the CM administration page, but not the disaster recovery page.   Where do you set the DSR account log in ? At the end of the install, in Linux, what is the CM login ?

galaga by Beginner
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No ring back tone. Incoming call to CUCM via CUBE IVR tcl application.

Hi, There is no RBT in the incoming call from ISP to CUCM.   There are no 180 Ringing or 183 Session Progress in call leg (ISP - CUBE) but in call leg (CUBE-CUCM) it is present.   Could you please help me to resolve this issue?   Scheme: ISP (83.137....