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What model is it?

Hi. I need to know the model of this router (see image). I know it's an 800 series, but which one? It's used for VoIP. I hope someone can tell me. Thanks..     EDIT: Im asking becase I don't have access to it.  I can't find the model that matches th...

roy_hq by Beginner
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8821 Personal Directory

I just deployed new 8821 phones, but I can't find a personal directory.  The global personal directory service thing is turned off on the cluster.  Is there an internal personal directory available on the 8821 like we had on the 7925/6 phones, or wil...

Jacob Webb by Beginner
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CUCM Certificates!

Hi,    I have some Tomcat certificates that have expired, self-signed not CA signed.  Everything appears to be working however.  I notice I have EC and RSA types.  The RSA ones have expired, but the EC are still valid.   Can someone advise why nothin...

Stuart C by Beginner
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Cisco 8821 - Registering

Hi,   First off, let me apologise, I'm new to IP Telephony and even newer to Cisco kit so I'm not very good with all the terminology yet.   Basically, we have 3 8821's. We don't have a CUCM. I have just registered some 8861's, to do this, I browsed t...

JasonBusby by Beginner
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