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I have a 2911 that has two ISDN PRI's (T1's) that connect to a 3845 at my service provider:   2911 port 0/0/0 ------- SP 3845 port 0/3/1  2911 port 0/0/1 ------- SP 3845 port 1/0   Whether I clock off 0/0/0 or 0/0/1, the other one takes clock slips: ...

webberr by Level 1
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When I try to dial a number to certain area within Local Lata while phone is on hook, the call completes properly.When I try to dial that number while is off hook, there seems to be some route pattern chopping off digits. These are SCCP phones, using...

I provide techcnical service for one small company. So, I have a router cisco ISR4331 with CME. After installing later IOS (and the latest after all (not "everest", just other one , because of bugs and troubles) One of bug as I think remained. There ...

Hi every one, i have a issue when cant configuration voice mail on Cisco Router 4331. When i check on forums, i see cant config voice mail application on Router Cisco 4331. I must have vitual machine to deploy Cisco Unity Express. Do you have documen...

quytx by Level 1
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