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Outgoing CLI

Hi Can you please advise how I can block CLI I am using CISCO 8845 handsets (previously used 1831 this is a Telstra blocking number, it was used prior to dialling the number) will this work in CISCO and should I add it to a calling search space.  If ...

VPN client in DX70

Hi,   I have a DX70 and DX80 in remote station. in HQ office I have sonic firewall and cucm installed. Sonic firewall will be used for access VPN. As DX 70 and DX80 have the anyconnect vpn client. My question is can I use installed anyconnect for son...

UCM Route Pattern doesn't use GW Called Party Transformation Partition

Hi all,   I'm having an issue that I can't seem to find the answer to. Maybe it's not possible, but since so many of my questions in the past have been answered by reading posts here, I thought I'd ask.   So here's the situation... We have a centrali...