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Hi Team,   I am trying to block a inbound call on cucm as per the below link. But in my case Gateway_CSS having internal directory partition. If i remove internal partition from gateway Css, all inbound calls stop working. Please advise, how to block...

I'm looking for an example configuration for PLAR in CME 12.x.  Both the source phone (x1001) and the destination phone (x1002) are SIP phones (8851).  1001 is located in an unattended lobby.  1002 is an admin assistant.   Thanks for your help.

Hi We have just bought a SIP trunk for telephony service, but its a one way connection. Incoming calls succeed but  outgoing calls fail. The following lines are outputs from "show ccsip all". to (STATE_DEAD, SUBSTATE_NONE)*May 12 05:27:29.515: //4/CF...

Hi Team, I have the below setup on a 2921 router running CME; 2 GSM gateways connected to the router's VIC FX0 ports. (072....... & 073.......) Internal extensions start with 2001 onwards I would like assistance on how to configure dial peers to allo...

Hey guys,   right know, I want to get some basic knowledge about CME for my CCNA Collaboration. Therefore, I've got an 1861 Integrated Service Router.   I currently have some struggle to connect to my 8961 IP Phone and my pc. Maybe I did some basic k...

jahahne by Level 1
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Hi everyone. In my environment I have a CUBE (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(2)T.   CUCM-->CUBE-->Provider There is SIP Trunk (5060) configuration between CUCM to CUBE. The CUBE have a SIP Trunk to provider(not secure), I want to add a new SIP to...

Daniov1 by Level 1
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Resolved! TFTP Server

Dear all    I would like to know when I should use a separate TFTP Server!   I have a cluster with two servers, one publisher and one subscriber! these two servers being used as TFTP servers. I would like to know when I should use a sperate TFTP serv...

AOMD by Level 1
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Hi Guys   I would like to know if is possible to restrict using FAC for a specific Cisco IP Phone. For example, there are two IP Phones A and B and there are two FACs ( 1111 and 2222). I want to make IP Phone A just accepts this  FAC (1111) and IP Ph...

AOMD by Level 1
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