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I have Cisco Unity 8.6 in my cluster. The point of this discussion is that the MWIs are not working for a particular extension, working fine with every other extension. Messages are coming for that extension but the only issue is with MWI. There are ...

I need some clarification about this option.  If I open RTMT and use the 'collect files' function (System > Trace & Log Central > Collect Files), is it safe to select 'delete collected log files from server'?   I would like to keep the disk space as ...

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voip7372 by Enthusiast
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Dear all,   I am using Cisco IP phone 3905 with CME 10.5.Unable to dial the 3905 phone in microphone pickup condition.After pressing 5 digit it stop and stick.But in hand-free condition it is ok.How to solve that issue. I can able to make call with t...

Hi All,   I got message on CUCM while searching end devices. I went through Google but could not find something related to CUCM, but a lot Java comments. Any idea how may I fix this issue?   System version: VMware Installation: 2 vCPU...

Hello Everyone, We are having some modifications in the CUCM regarding the Users, Services and Phones but it looks like none of them is being reflected in the Provisionning Manager CUPM) server. Is there a way to force CUPM to sync with CUCM to conta...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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We want to different busy signal state for incoming and outcoming calls.   Like this, For incoming calls, we can take 2 calling there is no problem. But, when we are on a call, if the second call comes from outcoming (from mobile numbers), we must ta...

Quzky by Beginner
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