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Resolved! 3905 on CME 9.1?

Hello All- I've read that the 3905 should be supported on CME 8.8 and greater.  I have a system running 9.1 and when I run "load ?" I don't have the option for a 3905....  Am I missing something here? XXXXXXXX-CME#sh telephony-serviceCONFIG (Version=...

hi there . we have 2200 for boss              2100 for his secretaryother coworker are in the rang of 2001 ~ 2080 we have seprate our boss from other coworker...only his secretary can call to the boss ... so other can call each other ... other can ca...

I have 2 cisco ip phones that are set up identically, or so I believe they are.  Both have phones forwarded to a cell phone.  1 user gets the forwarded calls and if he doesn't pick up they go to his cell phone voice mail as it should.  The 2nd user n...

With Edson PineiroWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn best practices and tech tips from Cisco expert Edson Pineiro on the common and complex  issues with faxing in Cisco IP voice network...

Hi - i have recently upgraded my CUCM cluster from 8.6 to 10.5 and I have noticed all NEW users that are synced via LDAP DO NOT have the 'Home Cluster' box checked in end user page. This is affecting the users ability to login using EM. I have found ...

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