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I'm using CUCM 9.1.2 and am sending external calls via a CUBE through a SIP trunk to our carrier.  All normals calls are sent with a + but any call forwarded calls are sent with ++.  Below is an example calling number 1-111-111-1111 (from outside) ca...

JSang1234 by Beginner
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Working with an older CUCM installation that uses SIP.  One of the issues they have is they have a remote location with a T1 serial. The serial is used for both MPLS back to HQ and for access to the SIP provider. I noticed that on the SIP trunk has M...

Hello,I have a CUCM8.5 and CUCX8.5, interconnected by 40 CTI Ports.I need to know in real time how many ports are busy. Can I do that? Can anybody tell me the fields in RTMT - or anywhere - to do it?Thank you very much!

Hello to community.I need the SNMP MIB files for the ATA 190 device, in order to get the onhook/ofhook status of the attached phones through SNMP, but I have not managed to find them. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Nikos by Beginner
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We are currently using a product called CallRex to record calls. CallRex does not support ILBC (which we are using across our WAN Connection) My initial thought is to configure a couple of 28xx/29xx routers with enough DSP resources to transcode the ...

sps210001 by Beginner
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