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Resolved! CME not creating custom SEP<MacAddress>.cnf.xml files, using XMLDefault.cnf.xml for phones

Hello, I have CME 8.6 installed on two 2851s and before going into production, I am testing a few phones.One of my 2851's is creating cnf.xml files for each phone using SEP<Mac address>.cnf.xml and the other one will not and the phones keep booting u...

Resolved! How to change call manager time manually

Dear All, Need a quick help on this. We have a cluster in UK and NTP is configured accordingly. Time is set to GMT, but in a couple days it is going to change to BST (British Summer Time). Since call manager is in sync with NTP server it should autom...

Syed by Participant
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Cisco Call Manager Loop Avoidance

I am facing a problem with our Call Manager Setup. Our voice setup is delivered a pair of Cisco Cube, that send calls onto our Call Manager (v10) that comprises of 4 subscribers. When external calls are received on the cubes they pass the calls onto ...

yulem1968 by Beginner
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Fax Over IP Transfer

Hello, I tried to transfer an inbound fax to an outband fax as below : Fax1 -------ITSP-------SIP-trunk--------CUBE--------CUCM -------- SIP-trunk---ITSP-------Fax2 Fax 2 is available when i dial him directly. When i tried to send a fax from Fax1 to...

Cme 8.5 and 7940 phones

Hello every one. Need some help with setting up a phone from remote location. I have cme 8.5 ruining on public ip address. And i want to connect a phone to it from home (remote location). What do I need to do to allow phones to register to cme from p...

Encapsulation ISUP in SIP

Hello! I have setup like this CUCM --- sip --- CUBE ---sip --- ITSP and my provider wants me to send "calling party category" element of ISUP in SIP trunk. Cisco TAC said I should configure GTD encapsulation on CUCM and send it towards CUBE and then ...

ymorkotun by Beginner
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