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SIP problem between a Cisco 2911 and an IPBX OXE ALcatel : SIP/Info/critical/8192/sipSPIhandle200OKInvite: Drop 200 OK while DNS query is in progress...

Hi,I have a trunk SIP between a Cisco 2911 router (connected to PSTN via E1)  and an Alcatel OXE IPBX.The IPBX uses a name in SIP message: oxe.test.domSo locally, in my Cisco 2911 router, i added the command:ip host oxe.test.dom inco...

Cisco IP Phone Displays "XML Parse Error" when Accessing the Cisco Corporate Directory

Hello Team, I noticed when some users tried to access the corporate directory, the get the error "XML Parse Error". This is peculiar to users in a particular location, however, they are using the same Active Directory so i do not know why only few u...

Resolved! Cisco CME support

Hello team, kindly support on below Cisco cme managements 1.I need to block certain users form my lan to call ouside pri connection can this be done on Cme ?? 2.When i dial Call to ouside pri srarting with 999 then call are not going!!..for example:m...